About Courses

Healing Through Meditation 1

Courses vary in length but usually include ten classes. Each session includes meditation instructions and practice (sitting, walking and lovingkindness) and a theme related to applying mindfulness as a healing practice. Each week there will be opportunity for participants to ask questions, share their experience with practice and receive guidance.

Each course will cover the following themes: an overview of mindfulness, working with the obstacles to meditation, embracing life's inevitable challenges, cultivating kindness and compassion for ourselves, working with emotions and thoughts and mindfulness as a life practice.

Classes will range between eight and fourteen participants as a small group creates a supportive and rich environment in which to learn this practice.

As part of this course you are asked to practice this meditation daily for the duration of the course. You will be given a meditation CD to support your practice at home. You will also receive a binder with articles which relate to each of the themes.

Healing Through Meditation 2

These course are for those who have completed the first level of classes and who wish to continue to strengthen and deepen their meditation practice. It is for those who have continued to practice and those who have fallen away from meditation. Each class will include meditation practice and discussion on themes related to mindfulness practice and healing. Courses may have a set theme or at times be an open to whatever areas participants are interested in exploring. Classes will range from six to twelve participants.