Participants Reviews

What do participants of these courses say?

“Dana’s Healing Through Meditation classes provided me with the opportunity and tools to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into my whole life. Initially I was nervous about the group setting, but quickly I realized this was the most valuable tool of all. Hearing others’ experiences taught me that we all share similar struggles and joys; that there is a common thread that weaves humanity together. I regularly think back to Dana’s classes and the insight and wisdom she shared with us. Dana offered practical solutions to some of the challenges I faced with incorporating a meditation practice into my life. She also helped me grow into understanding and accepting the pain, anxiety, and loneliness I felt from living with a terminal illness. Dana provided comfort, support, and encouragement, as the process of meditation awakened emotions that I had struggled with for some time. Dana’s very presence is healing and self affirming; she bestows a genuine kindness and warmth that nurtures the process of self awareness that naturally occurs through engaging in the class. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be in her class and to know Dana; she is truly a mentor who changed my life.”  Jessica

“There is nothing more comforting than to have someone who is able to look you in the eyes and give you the gentle reminder to truly take care of yourself... to hold your own being with kindness. I am deeply thankful to have met Dana. Her approach is full of wisdom, clarity and insight. My experiences in her classes have helped me greatly to understand how much more there is to learn, to practice and to heal.”  Kris

“More than a decade ago I first attended Dana's meditation classes. Within five minutes of meeting her I knew I was in the right place. Beyond her skill in teaching the art of meditation, she offered a safe and supportive environment to study and practice. Her people skills are peerless....and her warmth genuine. It is beautiful to witness individual students become part of a cohesive whole. Over these many years I have continued to participate in her classes and they are easily the highlight of each week.”  Carol


“I owe the growth of my heart to being part of Dana's meditation classes.  I am immensely grateful to be part of this group; to hear other’s experience & wisdom, to share my own & to be guided in the practice of mindfulness. Dana skillfully asks us to consider, move through, and return to the practice.  I'm continuously being opened and challenged in this work.  Simply I experience more joy and love for life and far less anxiety (& when I do I have methods to work with these challenging experiences).”   Misty

"The Healing Through Meditation classes were truly heart-opening, as we learned to practice insight meditation techniques and then had the opportunity to explore our experience. The information and tapes provided an effective guide for ongoing practice between classes.  Dana's skills as a facilitator and teacher provided support and a feeling of safety during the discussions. Her ease in sharing her own process and her acceptance of others is so helpful. I developed a remarkable sense of trust in and caring for us all during those 8 weeks."  Maureen

"Dana's class was a major step in my healing journey helping me to be present to the joys of life moment-by-moment. Along with her warm presence, Dana's teaching is clear, practical and insightful. Support from her and the group were essential in helping me cope with and overcome difficulties."  Mary

"Learning, through meditation, to recognize the planning and worrying thoughts of my mind, while at the same time opening to the resistance and holding in my body, has profoundly shifted my relationship not only to my pain, but to the full experience of my life! It is richer; time seems to have expanded; I am more relaxed. Dana's wise guidance has enabled me to deepen into my meditation practice and move more mindfully in my life. What a great gift!"  Deb

"A life-changing experience. Dana's class gave me simple and effective tools to work through my pain, fear and loneliness. I now have a greater capacity for love and compassion: for others and myself"  James