Course Schedule

Summer, 2019

Healing Through Meditation Courses


Dana Anjali

Opening Our Hearts to Ourselves

and Others

Mondays and Thursdays

(classes, twice a week)

July 8th to July 29th


                      Morning classes     9:30am to noon


                     Evening Classes,     6:45pm to 9:15 pm


Most of us tend to struggle to find self-acceptance, caring and love for ourselves even at the best of times. We often are driven by ideas of perfectionism expecting that we should be able to navigate all of our experiences in ways that meet our ideals. Inevitably, especially when we are having difficulty, have made a mistake or are in pain in some way, we respond to ourselves with judgment and harshness instead of with what we deeply need: kindness, compassion and love. These patterns of being hard on ourselves are deeply rooted in our Western way of living, often believing that it will result in our being the best version of ourselves we can be. Sadly, what actually happens is that we are diminished and relate to ourselves in a way that does not see or support us to be the fullness of our potential as humans.


The emphasis in this course will be to work with the Buddha’s practice of Lovingkindness and Compassion to cultivate a more loving, accepting and wise relationship with ourselves. We will also explore how we can cultivate more loving acceptance of others. We discover that our hearts have an endless capacity to care and to love unconditionally, while, at the same time, having the clarity and wisdom to be able to see things clearly.


Dana has been practicing Insight Meditation since 1988.  In 1993 she founded, and is still much involved with, the Regina Insight Meditation Community. For the past ten years she has been teaching Healing Through Meditation classes in Regina.  She is trained in group facilitation skills and has a Social Work Certificate.  Dana’s warmth and generosity of heart create a safe and supportive learning environment.

Course Cost: $275.00  (If this fee causes financial hardship, it can be reduced)

For registration or information please contact:

June 6th to 20th:  Debbie at 306-551-7899 (phone or text) or

June 21st to 28th: email Dana at  (no phone this week)

June 29th to July 8th: Debbie at 306-551-7899 (phone or text) or


Course takes place at E-2334 College Avenue, Regina  S4P 1C7

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